My Picks of the Week

These are the items that I think are a good deal.  I don’t list everything and I mostly stay away from processed foods, so I look for all the good deals with that in mind.

It was ironic in the Portland Food Day that the topic was Radical Homemaking.  It was about really getting back to cooking from scratch.  Directly below that was the Safeway promo of Buy 5 get $5 back, with a huge thing of Velveeta cheese shown.  Is there even cheese in velveeta cheese??

Anyways, here’s my list:


Dryers $2.99
Haagen Dazs $2.99
Buy 3 of either brand and get $2 off your next Dryers/Haagen Dazs purchase plus $1 will be donated to save the bees.

There are lots of veggies listed on the back for 99¢, but some of these aren’t good deals.   The ones I think are good:

Hot House English Cucumbers – seems to be the average price these days
Eat Right Baby Carrots
The others seem a little over priced for me, what is your price point on these things?

Mix and Match All Kraft Cheese by 5 save $5

Weekend Sale

  • Ronzoni Pasta 79¢ –
  • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.69 lb
  • 10lb Bag of Potatoes 99¢

With a $40 Safeway purchase you can get a FREE Reusable Bag.  If you spend that much grab it, but the better option is to head over to Fred Meyers and pick one up for 50¢ this week.


Lean Ground Beef $1.99lb
Rice a Roni 10/$10 use $1/3
Chicken Leg Hindquarters 66¢ lb
Red or Green Leaf Lettuce 89¢ each – Great buy!

On the back of their ad they have $60 worth of coupons.  A few to check out
the ever so sinful Circus Animal Crackers-frosted $1.99
Darigold Creamer 99¢
use B1G1 Darigold Flavored Creamer from 3/28
Final price 50¢ each
Hunts Pasta Sauce 88¢
Blue Bonnet Spread 88¢
Hunts Tomatoes $1.99 each 28oz variety

Plus many more AND you get a FREE gallon of Milk when you purchase 10 of the items on the back.

Haggens Weekend April 23-25 Sale EVERYTHING $1
2 lb bag of Carrots
4 pack talking Rain Sparkling flavored Water
Haggen Ketchup
Franz Thinwiches – woohoo!  I love these and spend $2.50 each, sometimes I have a coupons
La Mexicana Salsa


Tillamook Cheese $3.99
Red, Golden or Cameo Apples 68¢ lb
Celery 89¢ lb
Strawberries 2/$5 – this is the typical price in our area this time of year, anything cheaper is a score.

There are a quite a few $1 items at Albertsons again this week.  Watch these, it’s like the Dollar Store, just because it’s a buck, doesn’t make it a good deal.  It’s a 10 for $10 sale, but you can only buy 1 of you would like. Also, if you have a April issue of All you there are lots of matching coupons.


These first 3 are with in ad coupons

Eggs 39¢ w/ $10 purchase
Western Family English Muffins 88¢
Organic Valley Milk $2.99 half gallon

Bananas 49¢lb
Caribou Coffee $5.99 lb
use the $2 off coupon in add right next to the sale price

Thriftway also have 4 double coupons in the paper as well