Out and About This Week

Usually by Wednesday I have my Picks of the Week up followed by my Thursday Out and About showing off my bargains.  There are slim pickings this week, I am not impressed with the ads, so I really don’t have any picks of the week this week.

I actually write that post and print it out for myself as my shopping trip and use it every single week.  This week, I am going to eat out of my pantry and hope for the best.  If you really want to see what’s on sale check out my blogroll.

I did mention on Sunday I do love this extra ad that Fred Meyer has out with all the extra % off coupons.  We have actually used these twice this week and scored.  My daughter went to get herself some hair color, with her own money.  I handed her the 2 coupons and she came home and said she had save 50%, she was pretty excited.

Today I just took all my coupons to check out the sales and here is what I came up with.

Aussie 2/$5
used $2 off when you buy shampoo and styling product
used 20% off hair product limit 2
found $1 off Aussie Shampoo there
final: 2/$1.50 or $.75 each

Aveeno Positively Ageless $19.99 on sale for $16.99
use 20%  off -$3.40
used $5 off Aveeno Positively Ageless from 3/28 SS – I think, sorry I had it clipped
final: $8.59 sending in for a $10 rebate

My lunch bags for the kids $1.39, yes they are expensive, it’s because I buy the large ones.  They pack a lot of food.

In the end I spent $10.98 oop, sending in for $10 rebate, so all this for $.98