Salvation Army Thrift Stores Sale

It’s true Salvation Army is having a sale.

You may be wondering how that is even possible when stuff is already so cheap right?  Well, they are marking everything down 50% tonight only from 5:00-9:00. (mattresses not included)

Some of you may be wondering what you could possibly be buying at a thrift store.  Well if you need ideas check out my friend over at Recycled Lovelies and see for  yourself what can be done with used articles.

Many of you choose this option always on the hunt for the next best retro t-shirt or article of clothing that you will only wear once.  I know I bought 2 dresses once for our 2 formal nights on our cruise, years ago.  Both dresses cost me $7 total, and when I was done I left them on the boat because I didn’t care and I needed the space.  Win, Win…

As always call first to make sure your store is participating.

Thanks, Portland on the Cheap