Teach Your Kids Money Management – GIVEAWAY

If you have been following me at all you know I am passionate about Teaching Kids the Value of Money.  I feel, as parents, it is a huge responsibility on our part.

I have shared a few different ways we have done it over the years, but I haven’t even touched on the number of methods that we have tried.  It’s good to be consistent, but it’s also hard to find a REALLY good system that will work with your kids.

Well, lucky me I was contacted by FamZoo and I was asked to review a product that helps you teach your kids to manage their money.

I was instantly surprised by the detail that they have put into this.  If you have kids and you are thinking about starting an allowance or you have older kids and want to reinforce a budget, please take the time to read on.

The system is set up so you can agree to an allowance every week or month, depending on what you choose.  Those can be attached to the chores they do.  If they don’t do the chores…they don’t get paid.  No more nagging.  The money is then divided up, and you can choose the categories and percentage.  For instance we have 80% spending, 10% charity, and 10% savings.

Your Savings can be added to a goal you might have.  For my daughter we have listed her goal as a car.

Your Charity can be added in weekly/monthly and accumulated, so instead of giving 25¢ to the church offering, they can wait a few months or longer and then give the $5-$7(or whatever the accumulated amount is) towards something bigger.

The Spending is used to buy whatever they want.  They can build that up as well to get something bigger or choose to spend it weekly/monthly.  It’s their decision.

I have only been using this product for 2 weeks, but I am super excited about what it is capable of doing, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Check it out yourself, as you can do a FREE 2 month trial.  But for now I GET to give away a FREE  lifetime membership to ONE LUCKY READER.

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That is a total of 7 chances to win this product.

For hosting this giveaway FamZoo has given me a lifetime membership, that I am super excited about.


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  2. YAY! Always looking at new ways to teach my kids about money. Thanks Amy for a great give away!

  3. Thanks for the giveaway and chance to win! A Fellow Giveaway blogger here! I have low entry giveaways also: http://Amomstake.blogspot.com

  4. Thanks for the chance to win and fun giveaway! Fellow giveaway blogger here! 🙂

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  12. This sounds awesome! My oldest is 11.5 and starting to think more and more about this.

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  16. looking forward to teaching the kiddies about $$$$$ this is great

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  19. As a Mom to 4 kids, I would LOVE to teach them all money management at an earlier age than I learned.

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  21. FB fan of Famzoo! which is how I found your blog. 🙂

  22. I watched the video and checked it out and think it is a wonderful idea! We are going to start allowances with our three kids this summer and this would be a perfect way to organize it all.

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  24. I am a fan of yours and famzoo on Facebook! I am Angela Orr there. Here’s my comment for another entry! I’m anti-twitter or I’d do that too! lol I love the program. We’re already set up with the free 2 month trial. I’ve got all six of us with “allowances” and accounts. It’s really an amazing program, something I can use for my 2 yr old, and will really help both my 7 yr old and my 17 yr old brothers! I love that you can start with a simple plan and make it more complex as they get older!

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  26. Count me in for an entry. I couldn’t find what state this is for. I’m in Indiana.

  27. I now subscribed to your rss feed with my google reader, nice site. I’m hosting thru 5/7/10 a $40 CSN Stores Egift card if you’d like to enter. Quick 1 entry per person.