The Joy of Gardening

I love gardening, and almost as much as that, I love friends that love gardening as much as I do and that want to go to garden stores together.

That’s what my friend and I did today.  We had read about the Flat Sale going on at Al’s, so we decided to head over and check out this killer deal.

Now first you off you all know my biggest tip for saving money in a garden is to use bulbs and to make sure you plant Perennials. Why Perennials?  Because they come back year after year, and reproduce so you can split them up and move them and SHARE them.

But…There is room in every garden for annuals, the plants that add a lot of color, but only last for the season.  You gotta love the annuals for their burst color and you need to know they are every gardeners friend.

There are ways to spend money on annuals and make the most of your money.

1. Make sure you choose one that has a long blooming season.  We found some that are blooming now and should last until around October.

2. Make sure they really grow large in size, filling in holes as the summer goes.  Therefore not needing quite so many.

3. Look out for that killer deal.

4. Buy in bulk or Flats and share with a friend.

That is exactly what we did today when we went shopping for our flowers.  We found Flats of 48 plants for $10 or $.21 a plant.  We got a few of our own flats, but also shared one to get more color variety.   The deal on these were you had to buy one kind, in one color and an entire flat.  That was the catch.  Didn’t matter to us, we knew a good deal when we saw one.

Not only that, but when I left they gave me $3 to spend on my next purchase.

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