3 Easy Steps to Using eCoupons

eCoupons are so easy to use.  Do not be intimidated by them.  There are 3 easy steps to using them.

1.  Register your Store Loyalty Card
2. Add coupons by clicking ADD
3. Swipe your Store Loyalty Card at Check out and the coupons come off.

There are a few sources out there for eCoupons

Cellfire – For information on how to use Cellfire check out the Demonstration
I love that Cellfire recently added Fred Meyer to the list.

Shortcuts – again very easy to use, very similar to Cellfire.

P&G eSavers – once you are logged in go into your profile and register your Store Loyalty Cards and then start saving.

It’s pretty easy and pretty smooth.

As with all coupons you can use 1 Manufacturer coupon per item, so if you have a paper coupon you need to decide which one will give the bigger discount. Hand all paper coupons first then slide Store Loyalty Card.

Have any more questions, just ask.


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