Watch For Falling Stockpile

Oh yes, it did happen.

Oh yes, it was quite a mess.

We were finishing up lunch and my daughter wanted one last thing out of the pantry, as she reached in on the far left side, things began to come crashing down on the far right side.

All she could do was stand back and hope not to get hit.

Fortunately only one thing broke.

Unfortunately the one thing that broke was Spaghetti Sauce.

There was glass everywhere and spaghetti sauce in even more places.  I quickly yelled everyone stop, don’t walk anywhere, it’s best to get out of the kitchen if you are done eating.

My son quickly jumped up and ran out of the room and came back with his shoes on and immediately asked, “where should I start?”  What a great kid.

I really wanted to take pictures, but getting to the camera was not an option, I know because I considered it.

Eventually all 4 of us were cleaning, mopping, wiping down other containers hit by the shrapnel and sweeping up glass.  It’s so nice to have older kids and have them be able to jump in and help.

It got all cleaned up, and in the end I lost one cheap jar of sauce and my daughter didn’t get hit, so it was all good.

I was most impressed by my son and his quick willing actions to help out, he’s 14.  I took him aside later and thanked him and told him it meant a lot that he would do that without being asked.

I was telling my husband later that I had thanked my son, and my husband laughed.  He said that is NOT the way the story played out.  Here is his version:

When you yelled everyone stay back there is glass everywhere he thought you were telling them to get out of the kitchen, so he quickly went down stairs to get shoes so he could keep eating his food and stay in the kitchen.

Because he is a boy and has boy ADHD (no he really doesn’t have it, but all boys show signs of it LOL) he came back up stairs saw the mess and lost focus of his food.  He offered to help and at one point tried to go back eating, but apparently I handed him something else.

Once the mess was all cleaned up he remembered he had food and finished eating.

Personally I like my version better.  No matter how it played out he helped and that was what meant a lot to me.  And I have learned how to stack my stockpile better so I don’t have another Friday Fail.


  1. Haha! I’ve had a stockpile landslide before…and the spaghetti sauce ALWAYS breaks! Ahhhh!

    Thanks for linking up to Friday Fails! 🙂


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