What’s Looking Good at Freddy’s This Week

This is my main place I do all my shopping, only because I am there nearly everyday. I run the errands for our business and our bank is inside Freddy’s.  I am always looking for that great deal, so here is what I have spotted.

First off it’s DOUBLE POINTS WEEK.  You will earn 2 Reward Points for every $1 you spend.  These will turn into money back, so feel free to spend at Fred Meyer.  It’s FREE to sign up and FREE to use. Just ask in the store for details if you are not already signed up.  Not only will it get you money back, but it will also get you coupons for future purchases.  It usually comes with coupons off of meat and vegetables.  Not every time, but most times.

Texas Grapefruit 5 for $1 – I bought these 2 weeks ago at 4 for $1 and they were awesome

Fred Meyer Canned Tomatoes or Beans 2 for $1 – always running out of these I will get more.

Cucumbers $.68

Fuji, Braeburn, Gala Apples $.88lb

Organic Imagine Soup and Broth – there are usually catalina coupons for these, I will go dig for some as we have a basket that sits out.  I am need of some, so I will dig.

Laughing Cow Wheels Cheese 2 for $5
use $1/2 in 3/28 SS
Final price 2 for $4

Even though it’s not marked Milk is $1.99 at my Freddy’s.

There is also a deal going on where if you buy 10 participating Items you can get
15 Music Downloads
1 Movie Ticket
15 Ringtones

Some of the items include Pringles, Florida Natural Orange Juice, Sobe Life Water, Skippy Peanut butter and much more.  Just watch for the FREE download tag at Fred Meyer.

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