33 Reasons to Spend Your Money

I promised you earlier in the week to share with you something that I felt was Money 4 This.  If it’s food related I have a hard time staying focused and not wanting it all.

This all started when a friend and I walked in to one of these shops in Newport, CA.  The walls are lined with containers that hold every Olive Oil and Flavored Vinegar you can imagine, it’s better than awesome, especially if you are a foodie.

We were then told we could taste any and all that we wanted.  Yeah, marketing at it’s best right there.  We were hooked!!  That day we took home a few bottles, but I couldn’t bring any back on the plane with me, and I have since ordered from them.

You may be wondering the price on a delicacy such as this.  They were anywhere from $18-$24 a bottle.  Most definitely a splurge, but stick with me.  Since then my in laws discovered Groupon and began watching it in the Arizona area and they stumbled upon a Groupon for Outrageous Olive Oils.  They bought it and made their way down to cash in.  It turns out it is the exact same distributor that my CA ones came from, only difference is that these are $15 a bottle, every bottle!!!  Although they got them even cheaper than that because of their Groupon.

In the brochure that I have there are 33 Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars to choose from, giving you 33 reasons to spend your money.   My absolute favorite is the Blood Orange Olive Oil Mixed with the Tangerine Balsamic.  It’s great for dipping bread, and is a pleasant surprise for anyone unsuspecting.  Using the same mixture I also dress salads, which are always a hit no matter where I go.  I also got the Pomegranate Balsamic which I then got my in-laws hooked on. The CA company sent me a bottle of Roasted Sesame Oil that I have used and love as well.

My newest additions, thanks to the in-laws, are Dark Chocolate Balsamic, Fig Balsamic (we had this on our salad the other night, YUM!!), Lemon Olive Oil, Basil Olive Oil and 18 yr. aged Balsamic.

I will be reporting back with recipes and ideas that I try. They surprisingly last quite a while even with all the sharing that I do.  The flavor is so amazingly vibrant that you don’t have add a ton for the perfect dressing.

Not only is the stuff beyond amazing, but it has great health benefits too.  Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich in flavor and in antioxidants, which can lower heart disease, colon, breast and skin cancer.  EVOO also reduces blood pressure, when taken daily.

I have not been asked by the company to share, I have not been compensated.  I only want to share with you something that I truly love and I truly think is worth spending money on.  So go ahead and check out their site.

The best part is it doesn’t matter where you live, you can have it shipped right to your home.

If you haven’t guessed already this post is linked to Things I Love Thursday!!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, that sounds delicious. Now I am going to stalk it on Groupon.


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