7 Steps to Using the New Fred Meyer Digital Coupons

Fred Meyer is launching a first of it’s kind program.  While the idea of digital coupons is not a new concept this new system Fred Meyer has put in place is comprehensive and robust.

I have already used this system and it’s pretty easy.  Here are 7 easy steps.

1.  Go to Fred Meyer.com

2.  Click on Download coupons to Rewards Card

3.  At this point you will need to sign in or register your card.  You will just need to have your rewards card handy so you can enter the number.

4.  Choose the coupons you want and they will load onto your card. The beauty of this too is they have Private Select items listed.  You can’t get Manufacturer coupons for those just anywhere.

5.  Print out a list of your coupons so you can remember what you loaded and when they expire.  (this is key, I remembered my coupons, but got home to realize it had expired the day before.)

6.  Go to store, shop, when you check out scan your card.  When it’s all done you will see your coupon come off automatically.  Don’t worry if you don’t see it as it rings up, it’s done at the end.

7.  Enjoy your savings.