Blog of the Week

Woohoo!  I got a pleasant surprise.  BlogMommas has highlighted me as blog of the week.  Thank you.

If you are stopping by from BlogMommas I can give you a real quick tour of what I do here.

First off, I am not a deal blog, although when I do see something amazing that I don’t want others to miss I highlight it.  Plus if I score really well on something, I also post up pictures so you can see how to do it and how easy it is to get great deals because I am frugal. Read for yourself and see if Couponing is for You.

I have all kinds of money saving ideas, some that don’t even include using coupons, so stop by on Tuesdays for my Tuesday Tips and see what I am saving on.

Right now I am working hard on my garden and I have all kinds of ideas of how I make use of a small space or just try and make it look pretty.

I have 2 teenagers that make me laugh, and I am always sharing stories about them.  Not just any stories, but stories about how they too are becoming money conscious as well.   We have worked hard to teach our kids the value of money. Sometimes is just funny or crazy things that they have done that make me happy.  What can I say, I have awesome kids.

My most favorite thing that I talk about, don’t tell my kids they aren’t my most favorite thing, is what things you should or could be spending money on. My latest is flavored balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  It doesn’t just include food items, although I do like to eat, but it also includes date night ideas,  and clothing and, well, food.  I do like to eat, not just out to eat, but good food at home.

So check it all out, there is a little bit of everything.  I am going to be sharing how we just booked another roller coaster vacation affordably and how you need to not put a price tag on your health.  Lots more fun topics coming up.


  1. Good job on Blog o’ the Week!!!