Do You Love PF Chang’s? Do You Like Wine?

If you answered yes to both those questions you are in luck.

On May 18, PF Chang’s will be doing a toast at 5:18pm to a new wine from Vineyard 518.  This offer is good to all diners at that time.  So you will need to make your way down to a PF Changs on Tuesday to take advantage of this great offer and try this new wine.

There will be both a white wine and a red wine for you to choose between. For more details check it out HERE

Best part of this whole deal is that from 3-6 is Happy Hour at PF Changs with items priced $3-$6.

I know it’s a chain restaurant, but I do have to confess I do like PF Changs.  We don’t go often, but when we do I thoroughly enjoy it.