Figuring Out – Tuesday’s Tip

For those of you that have used you know that you choose your price, # of stars and general location, then you hand over you money, and THEN they tell you what hotel you have chosen.

We have successfully and unsuccessfully used  The first time we ever tried it was when we went to Seattle and Vancouver, BC.  We booked hotels in both cities through Hotwire, having no idea, except that they were 4 stars and we were getting them for $119 and $114 a night.  Turns out we got a W Hotel and a Hyatt.  We totally scored.  We tried again another time and it wasn’t so pleasant.

Now we are booking another vacation,  but this time I really wanted a certain hotel and I wanted to know if I was getting it before I paid out.

Here are a few tips:

Do some Detective Work – If you are going to an area that doesn’t have a ton of motels you can look through amenities and compare to the ones on Hotwire.  The one I booked was completely non smoking and that was how I figured out what motel it was, as there were no others in the area with that feature. You can at least narrow it down.

Book a package – If you want to see what motel you are booking just book a whole package and you can pick the motel.

We actually just booked a summer vacation.  I did both of those things above and was able to pick out my hotel.  If you want to see how much I saved by using Hotwire, read on.

The picture above should give you some kind of idea of the type of vacation we booked.  I was so excited I couldn’t hardly sleep last night.

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  1. Good tip!

  2. This is a good tip. I’m a sleuth, too and have found out much helpful information for vacations and other deals by digging a little deeper because I want a little more information.

  3. Thanks! I will have to look into this.

  4. Great idea! I have used Hotwire in the past for airline tickets. But now that we have kids I like to know the exact times and such. We fly a couple of times a year so I have gotten pretty good at finding reasonable priced flights. The key is to search, search search! I search many different sites for several days. When I find the a ticket for a good price, I buy right then. Prices change quickly!

    Have a great vacation and thanks for linking up your post!