Happy Mother’s Day

My day was amazing because I have an amazing family.  I love them.

I have been a Mom for 16 years, but this was a Mother’s Day of firsts for me.

The first time I have had one of my kids be taller than me
The first time I have had a kid driving themselves around
The first time my kids went shopping all by themselves, literally, my husband just sat back and let the kids buy the presents.  He didn’t even go with them.
The first time my daughter thought to use a coupon and shared how she got it all so cheap.  They left a price tag on and I pointed it out, teasing her, and she told me not to worry, she didn’t pay that much.

I hope all you Mother’s out there had an amazing day too.


  1. What a sweet family!

    This is Kate, Angela’s (Frugal Living NW) friend.

    I had such a great time talking with you at the dinner. It was refreshing and encouraging. I appreciate knowing what lies ahead for me in the realm of motherhood.

    happy Mother’s day.