Is Organic Really Organic??

A few years ago I had to do on the Candida diet, for medical reasons.  Through this diet I learned the dangers of eating foods that weren’t organic.  The more I got into it the more I realized that if you buy any food you will never know for sure if it is organic.

When walking through the stores I often hear moms say to their kids, we don’t eat that because it’s sprayed to kill bugs.

I think many people think most foods are sprayed for bugs and weeds and therefore they choose foods that are organic so they can avoid that.  If a farmer didn’t spray for bugs and weeds there would be very little food.

My other favorite that I have seen is to eat fruits like bananas that have think skins because the spray can’t get through the skin.

I hope these people also realize that some chemicals are also put into the ground to encourage growth, therefore growing into the food. The thickness of the skin has nothing to do with it.

My dad used to farm, he’s now retired.  Shortly before he retired he looked at being an Organic farmer.  He looked at the list of chemicals that are allowed in Organic farming (yes, they still use chemicals) and he was appalled at what he saw.

The chemicals that they told him he could use he felt, in his 50+yrs of farming, were much stronger and more harmful that he was willing to use.  So therefore my dad never became that “organic farmer”.

I know this was a few years back, so I recently began to dig and I found the information to be similar still today. It’s mostly due to the lack of guidelines in the industry.

I think if you realize that unless you truly grow your own food and don’t use anything in the ground to help it grow (Miracle grow) and you don’t control bugs and you have been the one ordering or laying down the soil, you are good to go.

I plant my own garden and it is not Organic.  I would like it to be, but my soil is so bad I have had to add stuff to make things grow.  Unfortunately it helps.  This year I tried something Organic in my garden, but honestly, is it???  I don’t know.

You might be wondering if I buy organic food.  Sometimes I do, but I never go out of my way to purchase it because I feel like I am buying marketing, not necessarily a product.   I wish it wasn’t that way and I wish I knew I was making good decsions for my family, but I guess we will never know for sure.

Buying some organic and some not organic is what Works for Me and our family.  I would love to know how some of you have found out for sure that what you are buying is truly what it says, because like I stated in the beginning I see the value in organic, I just don’t know how to get it.


  1. I agree that you can’t know if somethings really organic, or safer, unless you grow it yourself. As for your soil, there are ways to “fix” it without using chemical fertilizers, etc, like using compost or getting a few chickens.

  2. So…what you’re saying is that because organic standards aren’t perfect, there is no difference between certified organic food and anything else you can buy in the supermarket??

    I agree that the standards for organic certification let through some things they shouldn’t. However, they do prohibit many of the most dangerous chemicals and some of the most environmentally damaging farming practices. Certified organic food is likely to be safer and more nutritious than typical supermarket food.

    To improve your soil, consider sheet mulching. My brother had great success in just one year and he did not use ANY chemicals. I don’t have as much yard or time, but last fall I covered my flowerbeds a foot deep in dead leaves, and when I took them off in the spring there was a HUGE improvement in the soil: It looks better, smells better, has gobs of earthworms, and my flowers have looked better this year than ever before.

    My family has been buying a share in the Kretschmann Farm every summer for ten years. While we still do have to trust that they’re not dousing the plants in DDT in the middle of the night and lying about it, we feel pretty confident in their practices. If you click “newsletters” on their site you can read what they’ve sent to the customers each week in the past few years; they give a lot of detail about their farming practices. It’s delicious food and a lot for the money.

  3. I do agree that we don’t know what we are getting. I just know unless we do it ourselves or if we create that friendship with an organic farmer and ask the right questions, we might be buying into the wrong things.
    I do hate that it is a marketing ploy. Some are really into it for the people, the health benefits and protecting the ground. Others are into it because its such a money maker because of demand. You need to make sure you are getting it from the right person. From the supermarket, we will never know.


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