Make Your Own Necklace

I had mentioned in my Prom post that my daughter had made her own necklace and she put it together for next to nothing, but I didn’t have a good picture.  Lucky for us we had 2 Formals this year in which she got to wear it all, so I got the picture finally.

Micheal’s has so many pendants, I couldn’t even believe it.  They also have all the different kinds of chains to put the  pendants on.  The options are endless, and with the 40% off coupons that come in the paper every week and the ones that print off every time you make a purchase it’s hard not to get it cheap.

My daughters pendant was $3.99 – 40% off = $2.39 and she never found a “chain” she liked so she just picked out a ribbon that was 62¢. Total price for this necklace was $3.01.

All that to say Jewelry is now a Not 4 That item, meaning we won’t be spending a lot of money on it when we know we can do it affordably.

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  1. This is so pretty! Your daughter did an awesome job. And I don’t think I’ll ever pay full price for jewelry again.

    Thank you for participating in the Creative Therapy session at Life in the Pitts!


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