Old Navy $10 Credit

I thought I had posted about this earlier, but I guess I just dreamed I did. I have an Old Navy Credit Card.  I know some people are against credit cards, but I use them to my advantage.  Old Navy recently sent me this little goody in the mail.  All I had to do was spend $10 then I would get $10 off.  Well, you know me, I went looking for something for $10.

My first stop was straight to Old Navy.  I found 2 – 3packs of socks for $10 or $5 each.  I got both for FREE.

Check out my video to see the other goodies I was able to score.

In the end I paid about 84¢ for each shirt and $2.99 for the flip flops that I was going to buy again this year anyways.  Woohoo.  I didn’t use the Online option because I don’t want to pay for shipping, takes the fun out of getting it for FREE.


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