Roller Coaster Discount with Groupon

I love any coasters.  I will pretty much give any one a try.  We actually walked past this one in January on our way to the Stratosphere, but it wasn’t running, so I have not done these.

The price seems pretty descent though.  They are offering an all day unlimited attraction passes at Sahara Hotel and Casino for only $10.

If you are interested in this check out  If you are wondering why I keep showing you Las Vegas deals it’s because I have it set there because we did a trip there and I have never changed it.  You should do the same.  Just because your hometown is not listed doesn’t mean you can’t look up the area where you will be vacationing to this summer. Set it up now though, so you can watch the different daily deals.  You never know when one will catch your attention.  That’s what I love about Sometimes it’s food and sometimes it something fun.

In case you are wondering Portland is offering $7 worth of fresh food from Aprisa for only $3.  It’s the side deal that is running today, not the main one.  Always check for those too. Aprisa’s restaurant building is an old railroad boxcar that they converted. That’s cool.