Surviving the Weekend

I mentioned going into the weekend that this was going to be a crazy one. Had I known how crazy it was going to be I may have runaway. I didn’t think about it, and I am sure my family was glad I stuck it out.

Last night was the Formal for my daughters school. She decided to have the After Party at our house. She told me there would be 15-20 kids. She was a little off. By 12am a lot of the kids had left and I was doing a head count to see just how many we had left. At that time we had 23 left.   They were all gone by 1 am. We are guessing we had 40 kids at our house last night from 10:30-1am. We found out later that no one else was having an after party, so they all showed up at our house. We had every class represented, it was awesome.

All that to say, I haven’t even sat down to see what looks good this week. I haven’t even looked at the paper. Better yet, it’s 3:01 and I have no idea what we are having for dinner tonight.

All I know is I am glad it’s Monday. How often do you hear people say that?

Here is what I do know. I have some great Money 4 This ideas that I am going to share with you this week. I have found some things that I just think are so worth spending money on.

I also have some great tips for planning an After Party when your kids go to Prom, without completely breaking the bank.

My garden is looking amazing and I am going to share with you some planting tips I have learned along the way, and show you my progress.

I am also going to show you an amazing gift that came our way yesterday.  Plus I have a great local, fun moms night activity at a comedy club Thursday night.  I am gathering the last of the details, but if you have the evening open check back soon with details.

And last, but not least I want to share with you an easy grilled appetizer pizza recipe that I love.

All these things will be coming this week, I promise. For now though I am going to try and just make it through the rest of the day without falling asleep and come up with some brilliant dinner plan.

Oh and in case you are wondering I did manage to get my tomatoes in the ground and drink a latte.


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