Swimwear Coupons from Fred Meyer

This couldn’t come at a better time.  My son is leaving on his 8th grade graduation trip and they are taking the kids to Great Wolf Lodge, and well, he’s a boy and growing like crazy, so he needs a new suit.

Glad to see these coupons today.  These 20% off coupons are good through May 29th.  Grab yours now.


  1. Amy, not swimwear, but yesterday at FM I got Cascadian Farms organic cereal for $2.33 per box, which I consider a great price. It was on the end cap, 3 for $10, and each box had an instant $1 off coupon. They had 5 different varieties of cereal. There were also coupons for on the boxes for granola bars; those were also 3 for $10.

  2. wow, I did not see those. I am headed in today, I will have to check it out. Thanks for the tip Laura!