Tuesday’s Tip – How to Get Party Ready in 6 Steps

Actually you will get 2 money saving tips today.  The first one is if you buy 2 gallons of milk, don’t let them sit in the car overnight.  Ugh… back to the store.

As you may have read earlier we had the Formal After Party at our house.  I was told about 2 days before this would happen. My daughter also told there would be about 15- 20 kids.   It was super hard to judge how much food since they had gone out to eat, then gone to formal where they had desserts as well, but nonetheless, I had more food.  And I did it without breaking the bank.

How to get Party Ready in 6 Steps

  1. Ask for Help.  I had another mom bring most of the drinks and dessert items.
  2. Figure out something hearty, fast, easy and cheap. I chose pulled pork sliders.  It’s a cheap cut of meat and the BBQ sauce was on sale at Freddy’s for 50¢. Plus it cooked in the crockpot all day.  I didn’t have to do anything but shred and assemble.
  3. Have more than you will need.  My husband hates to run out of food.  I also made sure if we did have left overs it would be things my kids would use in their own lunches therefore making it an even better value.  Plus most things will freeze well even if you do have leftovers.
  4. Go through your well stocked pantry.  For me I get things for FREE or nearly free, so I dug through to find some things.  I did have a few things in my pantry.
  5. When in a time crunch pay the price.  Yep, I did just say that outloud.  I paid twice as much for pre made brownies at Costco, but I didn’t have a choice and they were a huge hit.
  6. If you have to buy for a big crowd shop in bulk. I knew I didn’t have coupons for some of the things I wanted, so instead of scouring the ads for the best price, I just went to Costco and got 1 bag of chips, 1 box of brownie and so on.

Point #3 is key when you have kids.  I am so glad I planned for so much more because we actually ended up with about 40 kids at our house. We had plenty of food and drinks and even had left overs.

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