Tuesday’s Tip-How To Do Prom Affordable yet Beautiful

What a magical night.

The dress my daughter got was so beautiful and perfect for her.  We had to do a few things, but here is how it all played out.  If you remember correctly she was given a $100 budget.

We found the dress at Abby’s Closet for FREE.  Another suggestion would be to borrow or trade dresses with someone.  We paid $15.99 to have it cleaned and pressed.  We did our own alterations.  If we can do it anyone can.  It wasn’t pretty, but we managed to save ourselves money by doing it. I really wish my mother in law had been her, she would have done a beautiful job, instead we just got the job done.

Jenna really wanted a Cameo for her necklace.  Instead of buying one, we went to Michaels with our 40% off coupon and bought the Cameo and a black piece of ribbon.  Total price $4. We also decided we won’t be buying jewelry anytime soon, they have some really neat stuff.

The back of her dress needed a black ribbon, so we purchased that for $2.  In the pictures it was much more noticeable than it actually was. Her dress would shimmer black, so the ribbon blended in perfectly.

She used her black clutch and shawl from last year.  The total price for her Prom dress ended up being $24.  She was completely happy with it and smiled the whole night.  My favorite part is she gets to wear it again in 2 weeks for Formal at another school.

What a fun night.  I still can’t believe I am old enough to have a daughter going to Prom.  I guess I am not 29 any more or 39 for that matter.

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  1. That dress is beautiful! I’m going to remember your tips when my oldest is old enough for the dances in the area. And, I have a mom who sews! Hmmm…

  2. You did a fabulous job on that dress! Your daughter is absolutely stunning in it! You’ve got great ideas on how to make a great impression and memory for less.

  3. You guys did a great job on her dress, she is beautiful. It’s amazing what can happen when you set an “unrealistic” budget and mix in some creativity and determination. I like to set insanely low budgets for things just too see if I can make it happen for that amount. More often than not, I can.

    Thanks for sharing all your tips on raising kids with money management. My little guy is only a year old, so we have a little time, but it never hurts to start early. He’ll be at the prom before I know it!

  4. Just gorgeous and it is wonderful that your daughter is learning to be practical. Proms on a budget can be beautiful!

  5. What a beautiful girl! And the dress is so pretty. I love the color! I used it as one of my wedding colors! Great $$$ tips. Someday, I will have to worry about this, because I have 2 daughters!

    I’d love for you to check out my blog for a CSN give away! Have a wonderful day! alittleknickknack.blogspot.com

  6. Lori, it’s fabulous because you can’t see my stitching on the inside. I am awful at that stuff. When my mother in law gets here is she is going to be horrified at my job. But we laughed about it, and it was all good!!

  7. I wish I had someone close who sews. Keep her!!! I could have used an extra hand trying to transform this to a strapless dress.

  8. Yeah, time will fly. One of the ladies that commented on my facebook page was in Germany with us when my daughter was born. Seems like not that long ago.
    I can’t believe we came in that far under budget. It’s all to my girl and her practical thinking.

  9. The dress is stunning and couldn’t be prettier on your daughter if you’d bought it full price off the rack! Great going–the kids look wonderful!
    My daughter bought her own prom dress at the last minute from Sears for $50 and it looked beautiful on her. And it fit! The only addition was a little shawl I sewed for her.
    It’s great when our kids can learn they can have special things without paying special prices, isn’t it?

  10. WOW! You guys totally rocked the dress and your daughter is very lovely. Her guy seemed sweet in the photos too. What a neat tip! I loved scrolling through the pictures. What a fun post! :]

  11. Wow! She looks georgeous! Wish we had something like that. 😀

  12. Good work! I thought I did well saving $ on my prom by buying the dress the year before from clearance, but hey– you REALLY did it. Good job. She looks adorable, and I love the cameo. In fact, I still have one that a best pal in high school gifted me even though now it is beginning to turn colors.

  13. I think that’s our plan for next year. Buy in the next few weeks. We will see if we actually get around to it.

  14. Love the dress! I had one similar to it in color & style for one of my high school dances (a zillion years ago). The cameo necklace is so pretty, too! Nice work!!!

  15. What a great deal! Cheaper than making it yourself, even!
    The necklace is beautiful, too.

    I went to the Abby’s Closet site under Get a gown and it showed a link to find places across the country that do the same thing.

  16. Hi Amy!

    I am so incredibly impressed. What a beautiful dress on your GORGEOUS daughter! I hope you will not mind if I share a pic and linklove on my Friday post?
    Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday!
    Leigh, Bloggeritaville

  17. your daughter looks FABULOUS! so glad she had a great night.
    we recycled my mum’s ballgown from the 70’s for my daughter – it also looked fantastic and everyone loved the red satin embossed fabric – can’t get it now so her dress was unique.

  18. oh another thing… what is Abby’s closet? i’m in Australia and haen’t heard of it.

  19. How beautiful! It’s very commendable that she was open minded enough to work with you. Many teens have this “teenage affluenza” that prevents them from being satisfied and happy. I hope she had a wonderful time! Stopping by from Coupon Teacher.

  20. That dress is amazing and your daughter is so beautiful. I needed you when our 3 daughters went to prom.

  21. The dress is gorgeous. She is gorgeous. And she looks so happy, which is the best part of all of it!

  22. You did a wonderful job, and made your daughter very happy. No one would ever guess that you only paid that much, and she really looks elegant and beautiful. They made a great looking couple!

    There is a prom dress giveaway here that is very well attended, I hope they still do it in 3 or 4 years when my youngest is prom age! Otherwise I know some families start saving for it when the kids are freshman. How ridiculous, in my humble opinion. that’s not what we’re gonna do!!
    Have a great Mother’s day,
    Stop by for a visit sometime.
    Heidi – Heart and Home

  23. Congratulations to both mother and daughter. You’ve raised her well! She is a gem and a gorgeous one, at that. I’m thankful our two daughters smiled as they wore THEIR thrift store blessings. I’m proud of the wives and mothers they’ve become (and their husbands are smiling, too)!


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