What’s Looking Good This Week

First off, if you print out your coupons, and you should be, head over to Coupons.com.  They  have new coupons at the beginning of each month.  I print out everything I think I might use, just in case they have a limit and are gone.  That’s why you will see me refer to a coupon that is no longer available, I print it right away and hope you have too.  So go to Coupons.com and print those out before you read on.

If you got the Sunday paper you saw that Albertsons has Twice the Value coupons.  There are some good deals going on over there.  Check out Frugal Living NW for the match ups.

Fred Meyer
18 count eggs for $1.88
24pk Fred Meyer water $1.99 – I hate buying this, but I do like to have it on hand sometimes.  Good price for storing some extras.

I am making my way to Safeway to get more FREE ziploc containers.  I don’t have any more of the 55¢ coupons to double, but I do have $1.50 off 2 so after doubles it ends up costing me 20¢ more.  I am going to give some as a gift to a newlywed along with a gift certificate and I am going to give some to my friend that does a meal ministry.  Look inside certain containers as they will have more coupons, so you can keep going.

Here’s how to get them FREE

Ziploc containers on sale for $1.99 each when you buy 4
use 2- $1.50 off 2 from 5/23 SS
use 2 doubles
spend $3.96 for 4
receive  2- $2 catalina or $4
go back and repeat until you have all you need.  When you are done, grab some fruit and veggies and use the last $4 catalina.


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