Brasserie Montmartre

It’s been a while since I have reported on a good splurge, and if you have been following me long you know that means dinner out.  But, we did it rather inexpensively because of our Happy Hour Book.

It was the end of our anniversary trip and we were headed back into town.  We decided after a long hike we wanted some good substantial food.  With Happy Hour it’s not always guaranteed.  In the Happy Hour Book they boasted that Brasserie Montmartre had the best burger in town.  My husband was craving a burger and I wanted pasta. I also saw that they had mac and cheese (yes I am a sucker for homemade mac and cheese) and pommes frites.  After living in Europe for 2 years, if I ever see Pommes Frites on a menu I have to try them.  These did not disappoint.

The burger was, as the book stated, “the best burger in town.”  It was that amazing.  The mac and cheese was also super delightful, and the portion size quite large for happy hour.  We also shared a salad with had a house made dressing that was very good and slightly different than most.   We also tried the crispy artichoke hearts.  I did not know that these would be marinated artichoke hearts, so I was disappointed.  I would not order those again, but the presentation was great.

They had drink specials.  They had a raspberry cosmo for $4.  I tried it, but did not like it at all.  It was made with a raspberry syrup.  If you have ever had drinks made with fresh ingredients it’s hard to go back to syrup, it’s just not as good.  I didn’t let that get me down.  We sampled a few beers that they had on tap and found one that we both really enjoyed.

The atmosphere was incredible.  I would love to go back in the evening when the have live music because I think it would be a fun setting to sit, drink some beer and listen to some great musicians.

In the end we ordered a salad, crispy artichoke hearts, mac and cheese, hamburger and pommes frites.  We were both stuffed.  All that food came to $20, after drinks we were at $32.

Definitely take the time to hit this place.  We never knew it was even there, so we are again thankful for your Happy Hour book and it leading us to another great find.

Eating out is definitely a Thing I Love to do.

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  1. It’s been years since I’ve been to the Brasserie. Good tip on the burger and mac & cheese. Do I hear a Girls’ Night calling???

  2. Hi! I wanted to let you know that The Brasserie Montmartre that you reviewed is open anew! We have a new concept under new ownership, and we’d love for you to come on down and try it out. It’s really pretty stunning food, locally sourced, and fits the budget. Let us know if you’d like to come down and give the new space a try. In the meantime, we’re wondering if you’d consider removing your post from urbanspoon, since it’s not about us;) And of course, we’d LOVE it if you would write about the new Brasserie M! Hope to talk soon. Take care, Melissa