Enjoying Your Local Farmers Market

Hello! My name is Andrea and I have a cooking blog called Inspired2cook. Several times a week I post new recipes and other cooking tidbits to help make it easier for people to get in the kitchen and bless others with good, homemade food. When Amy asked me to guest blog for her while she’s recovering from her surgery, I immediately said “YES”.

Since Money 4 This, Not 4 That is all about being frugal in some areas so that you can splurge in others, I thought I’d center this post around farmers markets. I love, love, love farmers markets!!! I love being out in the fresh air (and sometimes Oregon drizzle) and roaming past each vendor, looking for produce and other items at their peak of freshness. You just don’t find that kind of quality in most grocery stores (for instance, those orangish-green tomatoes that most stores sell…YUKK!).

The majority of my cooking is done with fresh ingredients, which is much healthier than processed foods. Thankfully I live in an area that boasts a bounty of farmers markets and great food products. To me, visiting a farmers market is like a treasure hunt. Finding perfect heirloom tomatoes, plump, juicy berries or a just-baked cinnamon roll that’s the size of my 6-year-old’s head absolutely makes my day! Do you have a favorite farmers market?

So my challenge to you is this: visit a farmers market frequentlybuy local and fresh, and spend your Money 4 This!

Check out one of these links to find a farmers market near you:
Local Harvest
USDA Farmers Markets

Andrea’s love of cooking goes beyond just the meal itself and the entertaining.  When Andrea first started her blog it was important to her to be able to help others learn how to cook, learn how to make amazing food and not be intimidated by recipes.  Thus began her blog which is appropriately named Inspired2Cook.  Please take the time to check out her site, the variety of recipes is pretty amazing and she is always adding more.

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  1. I absolutely love our farmers market…so many wonderful fresh veggies and fruits….its a great way to support the local farmers too!

    thanks for sharing such a wonderful post with us…
    And hope you feel better soon Amy


  2. I do love Farmers Markets as well. Andreas post was great and your blog has so many great pictures of the markets makes me jealous that I won’t be out to one anytime soon. I will comb through your recipes and be ready to make something though, that’s for sure. Thanks for stopping by and the well wishes.


  1. […] the farmers market and buy some local produce. Some will cost more, other things will cost less.  Make a day of it and support a local food vendor while you are there too. Every week the options change making dinner different every […]