Fabulous Bargains, Fascinating Food

I would like to take a moment to introduce you to Laura from I’m Losing It Here.  She has been so kind to guest post for me.  When I first stumbled upon her site I had no idea that she too was from Portland.  She is working hard to eat great food on a budget in hopes of reducing their debt and she is also working to lose weight and keep it off, thus “I’m Losing it Here”.  She is on a Food Stamp Budget for the month of June. She also has a huge heart, please take time to read her About Page.

I had Laura share ways that she saves on groceries.  This is was completely intriguing to me, and I think it might be to you too.

A trip to Fubonn Asian Market on SE 82nd (between Division and Powell) in Portland is always an adventure.  I know that not only will I find some great food bargains, but I’m also going to get a chance to explore foods and ingredients from all over Asia.

If you haven’t checked out ethnic markets, whether they’re Asian, Hispanic or Latin, Caribbean, Indian, Eastern European, Middle Eastern or African, you could be missing out on some of the best deals in town. These markets often have outstanding prices for meats, fish and produce, and you can also find good prices on spices, canned goods, condiments, sweets and bakery items.

Everyday prices in the meat section at Fubonn are like sale prices at other markets: chicken legs for $1.18 per pound, ground chicken breast for $2.78 per pound; ground pork for $1.98 per pound. The meat is fresh and high quality; several top chefs in Portland come to Fubonn for their meat.

The variety of produce can be mind-boggling, but prices are low and if you don’t know what something is, ASK! I have always found other customers willing to help answer my questions if I didn’t known what something was. Much of the produce is locally grown which is how they can keep prices low.

Examples of other great bargains you can find at Fubonn are condiments (soy sauce, chili sauce, and so forth). They sell an incredible variety of Asian sauce mixes. You can find mixes for dishes from China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Korea and other cuisines. There are more different kinds of noodles than you can imagine, and if you’ve ever dreamed of having a dim sum brunch at home, you can find an unbelievable array of items in the frozen section, all reasonably priced.

One more secret: For all its great prices, Fubonn does not always have the lowest prices! I can sometimes find the same product or produce item at a lower price at other markets, like An Dong (at SE Powell and 55th). The ABC Seafood Market (SE Powell & 65th) has incredible seafood at incredible prices.

When you go to Fubonn, be sure to take time to check out some of the other stores in the shopping center, especially MeiAnna Bakery and BubbleBubble Tea. There are also several great Asian restaurants to check out too!

So here is my question.  How many of you shop at specialty markets?  Sounds like we are really missing out!

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  1. Do they take food stamps?


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