Happy Anniversary To Us

Today is the actual day of our anniversary, although we were gone all last weekend celebrating just the 2 of us.  I told you how we were headed to Hood River, Oregon.  Well, the trip was amazing and we were refreshed and thoroughly enjoyed our time together.

There is so much hiking to be done in the Gorge.  We saw so many waterfalls I can’t even count.  Part of it was because of the huge rain fall we have had this spring.  The falls were all amazing.

We ate some incredible spectacular food, we drank some amazing beer and we enjoyed wine from some beautiful wineries.  Not only that, but we found a great coffee shop which we indulged in all 3 days.  If you ever go or if you are stopping off for a quick bite, check out Doppio Coffee Shop.  We drank coffee, ate goodies and read books all while watching the hustle and bustle of the city.

This trip was for us and about us.  We did splurge a lot on this trip, but the hiking, which provided hours of entertainment, was all FREE.

I am still trying to get my head back into the flow of things from this trip.  I have to get graduation gifts, get my blood work done, get ready for our Six Flags Trip and pack my bag for the hospital.  Yep, I am keeping myself very busy not trying to think about what lies ahead for me in my surgery and recovery.

But for now, this is my operation mode and it Works for Me

Finer Things Friday

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  1. It is our anniversary today too. Happy anniversary!

  2. Fun photos! Love the flaming dessert!

  3. This was the coolest and best dessert. I am ready to have it again.