Magic Mountain Affordably

Right now as you are reading this our family is at Six Flags Magic Mountain.  I worked really hard to put this trip together and I am excited it’s finally here. Well let me be honest, it’s bitter sweet.  I planned the trip to keep my mind off my surgery.

Let’s just concentrate on the sweet part, because I do love the Roller Coaster vacation.  I am always excited about a great deal, and I think as we put this trip together I thought about all the ways we could save.  I did make one mistake and I will share that with you.

First off we got airfare for $169 for all 4 of us.  We had enough miles, but had to pay to move some around.  Not too bad.  We booked the hotel through Hotwire and I was able to get the hotel, cooked to order breakfast (or that’s what I understand anyways) and a rental car for $300.  I do know the breakfasts alone were $11 each and we will get 2 days worth for 4 of us. The hotel was $129 a night and the rental car, for a small car, would have been $30 a day.  Instead we got it all in one nice package.

What I forgot to do was use Ebates to book through Hotwire.  I could have gotten back 2%.  I haven’t used Ebates a lot, so I am just starting to get used to it.  Check it out, it’s pretty sweet.  All you do is go to first, then you find where you are making your purchase through, mine was Hotwire, and you proceed as usual.  In the end you get a check back in the mail with your rebate.  I think you have to have up to $5 or $10 to get a check in the mail. Anyways, I will try to remember to use it in the future.

We also like to carry our snacks with us, and you can see here how I got most of them for FREE.  I will throw in baggies and we will take some stuff with us into the park.  That way we won’t spend a fortune on overpriced greasy food in the park.  This Works for Me.

Well Enjoy your day, because I know I am enjoying mine.  Anyone else hitting a theme park this summer?

Check back later next week and I will have some great tips to share with how we saved in the park and how you can save even more than we did.


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