Tuesday’s Tip – Teenage Clothing Swap

Who doesn’t like getting something for nothing or something for nearly nothing?  I think we all do.

You might remember our recent Prom that we did on a budget.  You might also remember how my daughter found a way to make a necklace that she had seen else where for over $30. You have also heard me talk about how my son goes out into the cul-de-sac to sell his goods for money.

In case your wondering, the answer is yes.  Yes, all these things make me proud.   You too can instill these same frugal, money saving values in your kids, and I challenge you to do that.

Where am I leading with all this?  Just the other day my daughter came home with an idea.  Now it wasn’t hers exclusively, but a group of girls thought it up.  They are going to do a back to school clothing swap.  Everyone will bring out all their clothes that they no longer wear.  I will help get it set up and organized.  We will also have rules that go along with how to do the swap (depending on how many girls show up) and we will have food and a good time.

My daughter is going to start promoting it on Facebook and we have decided to do it the first of August.  That way they will know what they need or don’t need for the school year.

I honestly can’t believe the girls came up with this idea all by themselves.  These girls are incoming Juniors and Seniors.  What I do know is that some of these girls do have to buy their own clothes, so they are now looking for ways to save a buck.  I love this!!

Have any of you ever done anything like this?  I am taking suggestions on how to organize it.  Don’t worry I will keep you all posted on how it goes.

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  1. What a marvelous idea!!! What a great group of friends too! I hope this is a hit.

  2. I don’t have teens, but I think this is a GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing! :o)

  3. I think this is a fab idea!
    We should really do this more & just not for teens, we could do swaps with baby & mummy clothes too- with coffee and cake for sure 🙂
    hope it goes well,

  4. What creative and Thrifty children you have. I can’t wait until they are the leaders of our country!

  5. Haha, Shelly, thanks for the compliment, but I did have to laugh out loud. Creative? Yes. Leaders? Umm, my son would implement the “nothing opens until after 11am rule”, everyone sleep in.