What You Might Find at the Local Thrift Store

Today my guest post is from Deanna over at Recycledlovelies.  Deanna is incredibly creative.  She spends her time making old things new and trendy.  Her work is pretty amazing.

You will definitely want to grab your coffee and head over to her site to check out all her unique creations.  It might just give you that push to try something new yourself.  Read on to find out where she finds some of her inspiration.

Growing up I had to shop at thrift stores, I didn’t mind it, or didn’t know any different until high school when I started earning my own money. I could finally buy my own clothes and found that I appreciated being able to buy new and not have to lie about where I found my clothes when asked. But in the recent years I have found that thrift shopping no longer has that horrible shame attached to it, in fact most people find it an attractive way to help the environment by buying used and recycling. Most of the time we have no idea where our clothes come from, who is making them and what resources are going into making them. The best part about buying used is that you rarely ever have to worry about seeing someone else with the same outfit as you.

Saving Money is what it’s all about though and it’s easy to save money when shopping used. Some of the more high-end consignment shops are a little bit more spendy but they will have the nicer clothes, and look less used. In fact some will look brand new.  But even with the high-end consignment/resale shops you will find that you are saving up to 75% off the normal price. You can also find some really inexpensive clothes when shopping at the bigger thrift store chains.

If you can sew, another great way to save money while shopping used is by taking simple pieces like tees, skirts and dresses and adding to them. It’s so much easier than it sounds. Start by looking at clothes at Anthropologie, J Crew or a store you really like and recreate what you see. Adding ruffles is super easy and most of the time the ruffles are rough so you don’t need to be a master seamstress to conquer it. Just have fun.

Jewelry is another great way to update your wardrobe and you can find some amazing vintage jewelry at thrift stores.

I think the biggest tip for thrift shopping is that you have to have time to look and time to try on, because most places will not take back clothes once they are taken out of the store.

So what are you waiting for, get out there and give the environment a break and start thrift shopping!

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