10 Ways to Save Money This Summer

Here in the Pacific NW we always joke that summer starts after July 4th, well we are pretty much right on schedule.  So to celebrate the beginning of our official summer, let’s look at ways to save.

1.  Go to Yard Sales – My husband is not a huge fan, but I do love making old things new again. I am on the search for patio furniture and since most stores are gearing for school supplies by now, I need to look else where.

2.  Eat and Entertain at Home – It is my most favorite time of year to cook and have company.  I take pride in fixing my whole meals on the grill. Check out my Pizza Appetizers here.  By eating at home you save tons of money.

3.  Set Your Lawn Sprinklers to Run During the Day – If you do this you can allow the kids to run through the water and play at the same time you are fully watering your lawn.  I am sure it won’t be quite long enough, but it might be a start.  Or it just might become the time of day your kids run out for their daily cool down.

4.  Fling those Windows Open and Turn off ACI did a post on this already.  I know it seems like information that everyone should know, but you would be surprised at the number of people that finally open up their windows when the house gets hot. That’s not the time to open your windows.

5.  Use your Grill for Everything – remember indirect heat is like an oven.  So don’t turn on your oven figure out how to put that food on the grill with the rest of the meal.  Saves money because the oven heats your house and it costs to run. I have a few suggestions here and here.

6.  Go to a FREE Movie in your area – These run in our area on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, check them out.  The other thing I do is take advantage of the FREE codes I get from Redbox.

7.  Go on a Hike – What better way to enjoy the awesome weather and God’s beauty.  Check your area for all kinds of hikes for all ages.  If you have little ones hike along a river, it will entertain the kids for hours and they won’t even realize how long they have walked.  If they get tired they can stop and throw rocks in the river.

8.  Work in Your Yard – Pull the weeds, prune the bushes, keep it looking nice.  It’s therapeutic and it doesn’t cost a dime to clean up your yard. Plus the instant rewards are worth it.  While your are out there check and see if any of your veggies are ready. I love summer.

9.  Shop Your Own Home and Create an Outdoor Space – Once you have created a great outdoor space and once your yard is looking good you will not want to leave home.

10.  Take your Food to a Park for a Picnic and just BE Outside – Do I need to explain this, it’s summer after all!!!!

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  1. Good tips! We love to be outside! The hubby would throw a fit, though if I even mentioned turning off the AC! He would be a dripping (sweaty) mess!

  2. How about line drying clothes? Although I’m not sure how much that saves. I miss A/C, but it is cheaper just to use fans. I’m going to read your no A/C post. I also am showering my kids (not that often) and letting them play in the very small wading pool once or twice a week (instead of using lots of water for baths).

  3. I love line drying clothes and I personally do feel like it saves a lot, since I have done it in the past. I don’t have that luxury at our house now, but definitely miss it. Great added tip, thanks!!!

  4. Olivia I agree that the AC thing works in some areas but not all. We lived in Arizona for a few years, so I would never recommend it there. Ours will come on this week for sure, but putting it off as long as possible. It is supposed to be 88 today and I got our house down to 64 degrees last night. We won’t be using AC today, that’s for sure. 🙂

  5. Yeah, I tried turning off the AC, hubby went nutty! So to save our sanity and marriage I’ve left it on since;)

    We have gone to the park several times for picnics and had a wonderful time. And I love gardening and working in my flower beds in the morn before it’s so hot outside!

    I need to try and learn to make more things on the grill, but I’ve been too lazy this summer for some reason!!!

  6. What a great post! I also love making old into new! 🙂

    Stopping by through Steady Mom’s 30 Min. Challenge. 🙂

  7. LOL, I would only use one of those tips! When it cooled down last week, we did turn off the a/c and open the windows. When it got hot and humid, we closed them again and went back to the a/c.

    I absolutely hate to be outside, so for obvious reasons, I won’t use the tips for being outside. And as for a hike, I walk 3-4 miles in ER every day, so I “hike” at work. 🙂

  8. what a great list! this summer i’m totally taking advantage of free pools and splash pads with my boys. helps us stay cool and saving on our water bill.

  9. We just started GEOCACHING!!!!! It’s like glorified hiking + a treasure hunt in one. Very low cost (if you already have a handheld GPS you’re set), super fun and exciting, and a great adventure for young and old alike! You can spend a couple hours doing it, or a whole weekend. Hunts are everywhere, even in the middle of the city you live in! It’s so fun to find things hidden right in front of you, but that you wouldn’t find unless you were searching them out! Give it a try! http://www.geocaching.com/

  10. Great ideas! I heartily support #2 Eat & Entertain at Home!!! 😉

  11. Becky I would love to try that sometime. I keep hearing about it, but have never given a try.