Move Over Lindsay Wagner

Ah!!  I am not a very patient patient.

I had my 2 week check up yesterday, turns out my new bionic body is going to take much longer than I thought to heal.

The check up itself was quite comical, well at least for me, but my doctor is very good natured and I really like him, and he did chuckle a few times. Turns out my disc had a hole in it.  (Quick tutorial here.  I have Degenerative Disc Disease or DDD, meaning my discs won’t heal, allowing the inside goo of the disc to spill out onto nerves causing excruciating pain.)

At my appointment I needed to know more about this hole in my disc.  He said it was rather large and he made the shape with his hand like a nickel or a quarter size.  He went on to say that I have put up with this for a long time and he had no idea how I even tolerated this.

To that I chimed in and told him my theory worked.  My theory, about year ago when I learned of this “possible hole”, was to keep going and doing and getting all that goo to squirt out, although not pleasant, or comfortable or even hardly bearable, I could then stay so active that the space couldn’t take the time to create more goo to spill out.

I’m not going to say my doctor laughed at me, but I am quite sure he had to think about my idea.  All I have to say is it worked!! I spent the last 6 months in minimal amounts of pain only using 2-3 pain pills a day.  And 3 days before my surgery (to keep my mind off the surgery) I went to Six Flags and participated in a really good time.

The picture is what I hope to do soon, but what that boils down to now is this.  I can’t push a shopping cart for another 4 weeks.  Which means every time I shop I have to take someone with me or just send out my list.  Which means, I need to take a longer break from couponing.  Ok now not a very patient shopper either.

That also means my blog, as we know it, may change a little too over the next few weeks.  Not only do I have to turn shopping over to someone else, but I also am spending hours on my appeal.

So in all this, here is what I am celebrating this week.

First my amazing husband, that has been a gem through all this.  I knew he was great, but the care and attention he has given has been that compared to a five star hotel.

I am also celebrating becoming the new bionic woman.  The amazing parts in my back will allow me to do things I have not done in a long time, I just need to wait 4 more weeks for that.  🙂 I really need to figure out how to put up a picture of my X-ray, it’s pretty cool.

Also I am having the opportunity to try different scooters at different stores and will hopefully learn which one is the quickest.  It’s not as cool as I thought it would be to ride around in one of those.  Maybe cooler if you didn’t actually NEED it.

I really need to get my height measured because I think then I could celebrate my new height.  I asked my doctor to make me 5’8″.  I figured with as much as I was paying I should at least get to choose my new height right?  Well, maybe not 5’8″, but hoping for at least 5’7″.

I will keep you posted, but for now, you know what?  I am going to celebrate 5’7″ anyways, because that’s how I roll.

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  1. And this is one reason I love you Amy! Always celebrating the good… only 4 more weeks – it will seem like forever in the midst of it… but, in 8 weeks you’ll look back and realize how quickly it flew by.

  2. You didn’t tell me about riding in the scooters. Can I come with you sometime & take your picture? You could give the boys a ride. What do you say?

  3. Andrea I think the boys would rather get out and walk than ride around in the scooters. They really are that slow. No fun at all.


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