I Love The Deal Blogs

It’s true I love the deal blogs, I mean why wouldn’t I?  It’s because of all their research and tips that they can put together these great deals for us to do.  I have ALWAYS couponed, so finding them just made my life a whole lot easier.

Especially now, that shopping is not high on my list.  I have to give my list to others and now I am going to be teaching all them how to coupon as well as they gather my things.

There are tons out there, but I have chose 2 that I follow really close.  The reason is they are both local, or somewhat local, and they cover the stores that I shop at.  We have the same coupon inserts, so the deals always seem to work out perfectly.

The 2 I follow are:
Frugal Living NW – I have actually met Angela and we really hit it off.  Super easy going and driven at the same time.  How someone can even have little ones at home and do this for all of us is crazy!  I applaud her and thank her for all she does and all the money she saves me.

The Coupon Project – I have not met this blogger, but we have exchanged a few emails.  Again a mom with young ones putting together great deals for us to save a ton. She also has put in her first garden this year and I am excited for her.  I love when people try gardening for the first time.  Especially when the veggies really start coming on, they become hooked.

The one other that I check in on occasionally:
Fabulessly Frugal. I love that they will often tag things and let you know if they think it’s a stock up price or just a good deal.

They do all this for FREE, so take a minute to click on ads while you are at their sites.  I figure for all they do for us we can surely help them out by clicking on a few things while we are there.

It’s because of them I am able to easily find deals like this, this and this.

I know that there are tons of these sites out there.  What ones do you follow?  Have they helped you save a ton of money? Or do the deal blogs just drive you crazy??

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