School Clothes Shopping That’s Easy on Your Pocketbook

Just like school supplies, there are keys to getting the great deals.  Read on for your Tuesday Tip:

  1. Shop Your Closet – I don’t care how big or small your closet or drawers are, there are things in there you have forgotten about.  Pull out everything and evaluate.  This is where everyone should start.
  2. Have a plan and make sure that plan is discussed with your kids – This is key.  Especially if you are on a budget, the kids need to know how much they have to spend.  It’s ok for your kids to know about budgets. Budgets don’t mean you are poor.
  3. Buy Basics now, wait for the rest – I know this is not true everywhere, but here in the Pacific NW we have good weather through September and usually into October.  Which boils down to still wearing summer clothes.  Get as little as you can get by with, because there will start to be big clearance in October for all the back to school clothes.  Everyone needs to have a few new outfits, but they don’t need the whole years worth.
  4. Accessorize – This is just another cheap way for girls to change an outfit.  I personally am not super good at it, but my daughter is.  Just adding a scarf or jewelery changes the look enough to be different.
  5. Outlet Malls – Buyer beware!  Just because it’s an outlet mall doesn’t make it cheaper, but do take the time to go because you will find cheaper items if you look around.  There are deals to be had there and often times coupons.  Make your way to the office before you start to shop and ask for a coupon book.
  6. Clearance – The summer clothes will start going on clearance real soon to make way for the fall clothes.  Everyone wears layers, so buy those summer clothes at a deep discount and just add a jacket or sweater.  They will sell the fall tanks and t-shirts, but what’s the point of that?  Except the price.
  7. Thrift Stores – Yep we do plan on hitting a few for this.  We live in a time when pretty much anything goes, so get out there and be yourself and find something original.
  8. Yard Sales – I know for some it seems so wrong, but I know my kids will wear shorts for at least the first month or 2 of school.  I was at a sale and got 2 nice plaid shorts for my son.  They were $1 each.  My theory?  He only needs to wear them twice to get my money’s worth.
  9. Start shopping now and don’t try and do it all in one day.  I know for busy people this works best, but that just ends up costing you money as you don’t care what you get as long as you get it all done.  Figure out a way to spread it out and search ads for specific deals.
  10. Have a Plan – I know I said this already, but know how many jeans, shirts, sweatshirts, and so on that you will need.  Don’t over buy which will just end up costing you more.

Not enough ideas, well don’t worry.  I have actually covered this before, so head over and check out what I had to say the first time.

Please feel free to add to this list.  We all like money saving ideas.

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  1. Good advice, Amy! With 3 girls, back-to-school could be expensive for us, but we tell the girls upfront the amount they have to spend, and then let them figure out how they want to allot the money (because they are old enough; this probably wouldn’t work with younger kids). The girls have discovered their money goes a lot further at resale, Goodwill, etc. then shopping the mall.

    We just made our first run to Plato’s Closet (teen resale) the other day. One tip about shopping at Plato’s is to bring something in to sell. Even if they don’t take it, you will still get a 10% discount on any purchase you make at the store that day. If they do take your stuff, you’ll get $$ and a bigger discount!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I have only been to Plato’s Closet one time. We don’t have one close to us. But we might need to make a trip over to one.


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