Tuesday’s Tip – Free Food

See how amazing these look?  This bag was stuffed clear full and they were FREE.

There were 7 of us girls last night going out for an evening of fun and sun.  We went to our friends house, who lives on the lake, we take amazing food we have made, then we head to the boat.  There we crawl along looking at the very large homes and eating and drinking and enjoying conversation.

Once we are at the other end of this small lake we get out and walk around all the shops.  We all decided we would like a little something for dessert so we went to St. Honore.  As we walk in the door there is a gal there telling us they are closed, but “here take these” as she hands us 5 bags of these jewels.  Then, she runs back and grabs one more bag, making 6 FREE bags.  There were at least 15 of these Chouquettes in each bag.  What you see in the picture is the left overs I had for breakfast.

It’s true, most places either give food away at the end of the day, toss it or mark it down significantly.  During my recovery I have had a horrible craving for Paradise cookies.  We try to go towards closing or early in the morning to grab the day olds at a fraction of the price.

What Free food or discounted food have you stumbled upon?  Please share so we can all enjoy!!

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  1. We went to the local fair last night. Around 10:00, we were looking for roasted corn. We found a vendor who was closing up. We only wanted one ear of corn. He had 2 left, so we got 2 for the price of one since he was just going to throw away the other one.

  2. Oh, the fair, that is a great place too. Thanks for the tip.

  3. What a great idea! When we were at the homeschool convention we had someone give us free books because they were closing up shop! So, while I haven’t gotten free food, free books are good too;)

  4. Lori, you totally out did my free food. Love it!!!

  5. True story…the Chouquettes were awesome!!! Better yet, they were FREE & awesome! Good times!!!