Tuesday’s Tip – How to Have a Successful Yard Sale

Here in the Pacific NW were are at peak season for Yard Sales.  The sun has arrived, the relaxed schedule is in the air and the trips are planned and the open weekends are designated Yard Sale days for families.

I have heard so many people say they will make $200 over a weekend.  Honestly, if that is all I could make, I would probably just write it all up and donate, and enjoy my weekend.  There is no reason not to make more money.

Prepping For the Sale

  1. Look through your house and garage.  Find some big things.  Make it worth your time.
  2. Price everything – I hate going to sales and have to guess or offer my price.  If I can’t see prices, I leave.  It’s too much work for me, I at least need a starting point.
  3. Organize like things together – People looking for fishing poles will stop if they see 2-3 poles together and a tackle box.  Same with baby items or books.  Make it easy and give them a reason to get out of the car.
  4. Use tables – get as much as you can up off the ground so EVERYONE can dig.
  5. Ask a friend to join you – the more stuff  you have the better it will look and the more people with stop.
  6. Advertise – we like craigslist for that

Driving Traffic

  1. Don’t post a bunch of items for sale on a little poster.
  2. Do purchase bright colored poster board for your signs – from there keep its simple.  Add the word SALE and an arrow.
  3. Use the same color for ALL your signs – make it easy for them to find you and not off to another sale.
  4. Put the signs up at all major intersections – Don’t leave out any between those intersections and your house
  5. Check signs half way through the day.
  6. Take down your signs at the end of the day – I hate when people leave their signs up and wait for the city to take them down.

Day of Sale

  1. Have your money box ready
  2. Gather as many bags as you can for people to put purchases in
  3. Keep things organized – especially when it’s slow, go fold clothes
  4. Keep big ticket items in clear view – it makes people stop.  If they sell early on ask if you can keep the item for a few hours, put a sold sign on the back.  You want people to get out of the car.
  5. Price your stuff to sell – but don’t price it so low you don’t make it worth your time.  People are going to offer you a different price, so have it high enough you feel comfortable giving them a lower price.  It’s a win win.
  6. Have a lunch plan before the sale starts.  You don’t want to have to use your proceeds to purchase your lunch, have a plan.

After the Sale

  1. Itemize all your things
  2. Haul them off
  3. Give them to friends
  4. Don’t keep anything – that’s one reason you had the sale was to get rid of stuff
  5. Count your money – it should have been successful


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  1. Great idea for a list! I love garage sales, have them all the time 🙂

  2. Definitely great tips! We were so desperate to get rid of our garage full we barely got it out onto the driveway and someone came and took all the large stuff we had…and talk about price to sell…$5 for a couch…great condition, and NO ONE took it!

    But at the end, we took all the rest over to the local church and donated it and they passed it on to the battered women’s shelter!

    So although we only made about $125 it was worth it in the end!

  3. We’ve done great with yard sales in the past. We have very few big tickets items to get rid of right now so we skipped it this year. If we have big ticket items it’s worth the time and effort, but you’re right just $200 would probably be a better tax write off to a good charity.


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