Are You Really Getting the Best Deal?

If you remember correctly I wrote a post a while back about the 10 Ways to Keep From Getting Suckered into a Good Deal.

I wrote this because of all the new group buying sites that are out there.  (I am going to list them again, because it just baffles me how many there are.) With everything being offered to us, we need to think about what we are purchasing before we actually purchase it, right?

I still really believe that you can save a ton using these sites if  you do your homework.  So know that I not only support these groups buying sites, but I use them regularly.

Living Social
Plum District
Home Run

I have purchase something from all these sites, except Plum District.  I am happy with the stuff I got and felt like I got such a good deal or was exposed to something I didn’t even know existed in my city, which I love.

Portland had a Groupon the other day for Helicopter rides or flying lessons.  I showed it to my mother in law thinking it would be a fun gift for my husband.  She began to research and actually found the deal better else where without a coupon.

So along with the other 10 Ways to Keep from Getting Suckered in, also make sure you are indeed getting the best deal.

Just so you know, the list above is just a small sampling of the group buying sites out there.  Want to see the whole list?

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