Bring on the Tomatoes

I love gardening, but my garden has been one big FAIL this year.  I have to say in all the years that I have gardened this one was the worst.  I even broke down at one point and put Miracle Grow on.  I know, now it’s not organic, but I was getting desperate.  Don’t worry nothing grew….not even weeds, I kid you not.

My cucumbers are still just over 6″ tall and have blooms, but nothing else.  My zucchini plant just sprouted, but don’t worry, it didn’t continue to grow any larger or bloom and my green beans grew big and green and tall, but no beans.

The one thing that did actually have some success was my tomatoes.  Since we have had a chilly summer it really helped that I remembered to plant the tomatoes on their sides.   This allowed the heat to get to the root ball much easier plus getting enough water is never a problem.

I love tomatoes, so I am thankful that at least they did produce something this year.

I hope others had much more success than me.

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  1. I got one tomato from my garden. That’s it. No squash, no pumpkins, no peppers. Just one lonely tomato.

  2. I’m so sorry about your garden! Squash bugs ate my zucchini and I was SO sad (I love zukes!) I’m going to try tomatoes again next year because we are in a new house and have enough direct sun now. Can’t wait!

  3. Our garden was just so-so this year. We have had a decent zucchini harvest, and are getting lots of tomatoes now, but they are much smaller than expected. We have gotten very few cucumbers, but they are very small, not like the beautiful large ones we got last year. We got a few beans, but never even to have for a meal, and our pepper plants never did anything. The cold spring and early summer really affected things more than we realized.

    What has done well are/were the two volunteer plants from last year: pumpkins and potatoes. We have 7 pumpkins now, two of them HUGE, and we got a whole grocery bag of potatoes. We also had an awesome lettuce crop this year (because lettuce like the cooler weather, I guess).

    Here’s hoping for a better harvest next year!

  4. Heather and Laura, I am just glad I was not alone. Looks like another trip to the Farmers Market is in order tonight.