Great Prices on Clothes at Target

We are trying real hard this year to stay on pretty tight back to school budget.  My kids are ok with getting more clothes in January, so stocking up a little right now is all we are really doing.

Last week we went to Target.  My daughter found 2 pairs of jeans each $20.  I told her to sit tight one more week. Sure enough this week they went on sale for $15.  I hope you all printed the jeans coupon I told you about, because it’s gone, but we printed a few and we got an additional $3 off each pair.

Juniors Skinny Jeans on sale $15
use $3 off denim
$12 each – needless to say, she got 2 pairs and last week she was trying to choose which pair she was going to get.

That’s not all.  The Hanes stuff is on sale this week.  I know for sure that coupon is still available.   This is the stuff I hate to buy, it’s just not fun.

Men’s boxers are $6.79 for a 4 pack
$1.00 off Hanes Coupons
$5.79 final price

Men’s t-shirts
$7.89 for 6 pack
$1.00 Hanes Coupon
$6.89 final price or $1.15 each

Kids socks
$3.79 for 7 pairs
$1.00 Hanes Coupon
$2.79 final price

Womens socks
$8 for 12 pairs
$1.00 off Hanes coupon
final $7

For me I think $20 is a good price for jeans.  Rarely do I go over.  If something is priced at $20 though, just wait for a sale.  It’s the $30 jeans that I wait for to come down to $20, and they eventually do.

Best time to buy jeans is July and January.  July because they are getting rid so stuff that never sold last year finally at summer sales.  January because all school clothes shopping is over, as is Christmas, and they are gearing up for spring clothing.

What is your ideal price for jeans?

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