Have You Been to the Waffle Window?

Honestly if anyone ever asked me what to do in Portland when it’s raining, I would tell them to try some of the amazing places to eat.  You will probably have to drive into some interesting parts of town to find something different yet incredible.

Portlanders take just as much pride in creating an atmosphere at the restaurant as they do in creating unique entrees.  You will find that completely true of the Waffle Window in the Hawthorn District.  This place is written up everywhere and it deserves to be, that’s why I am taking the time to write it up myself.

Just outside the restaurant Bread and Ink you will find this little window that serves the most amazing and pleasing waffles.  For just $4 you can choose one of these waffles.  Since my friend was visiting from out of town and she had never been we decided to order 2 each and share so we could sample 4 different kinds.  Let’s just say the portions are great and I had to take left overs home.

The one that intrigued both of us was the Triple B’s.  Basil, Bacon and Brie on a waffle.  As much as I love fruit on my waffle, I have to say this was by far the best.  I could have eaten the whole thing myself.

The one with peaches was a summer special with panna cotta on it.  The others were seasonal berries and one had a lime sauce across the top, called the Blueberry Lime Sensation, and that was amazingly refreshing.

I also appreciated that they gave us a large coffee and tea for just $1 each.  On a sunny day there is plenty of seating outside and the people watching is great in this area.  If the weather is not so good?  Well they have some indoor seating right next to the window.

Eating at places like this in Portland Works for Me.  Getting to know my city is what I enjoy.  And at that price we can almost call this a Not 4 That, because why would you spend a fortune on waffles when you can get them so inexpensively here.

Visiting Portland soon?  This is a “do not miss” place.

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  1. After 11 years of innkeeping I could still eat waffles every day. These look fantastic!