Portland Pedi Cab With a Groupon

I am always highlighting what I think are great Groupon ideas, or deals.  Back in June I found this Groupon deal with a Pedicab company in Portland, that took you to 3 distilleries for tastings. (This pedicab company does offer lots of different tours.  It’s worth checking out.)

The regular price was $40 but through Groupon you could go for $20 each.  Including all samples and the Pedicab.

We started at the first distillery and got our tastings in.  It was everything from vodka to gin and other specialty drinks.  We sampled a chocolate vodka and a chili pepper vodka that was super spicy and needed a chaser of water.  You can see from the picture below that this one had 7 samples to try.

The pedicab ride was relaxing and fun.  Even though we were in our city, it felt like we were on vacation, taking in the sites of a totally new place.  It was very fun.

What we did find is that the tastings were all free at the distilleries regardless of whether or not you were on a tour, we did not know this.  One place even had snacks out, which we did indulge in.  So in the end we just paid for the pedicabs that took us from place to place.

Was it worth it?  Well, I think the idea was fun, but at $40 it was definitely over priced. Being that we got it for $20 made it a much better deal.  I am glad we did it, and had it not been for Groupon I would not have known the places even existed.

This is just a review of one of our many Groupon purchases.  Last week my husband took the kids down to the Rose Garden for the BMX Dew Tour, followed by a concert by Paper Tongues.  They went specifically for the concert, but loved the Dew Tour as well.  That cost them only $7 each, then they found free parking, making it a super fun affordable evening.

What Groupons have you purchased?  Were they worth it?

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  1. Looks like something fun to do that you might not normally consider in your own city. Nice.

  2. My favorite Groupon/Living Social Deals are always ones for a discounted massage. I discovered two great places–Spa Willamina and Written on the Body through these deals that I would not have found otherwise!

  3. Love the pedicab, we don’t have them here in Sydney, between the hills and the traffic I can’t see them catching on either!

    I’ve always wanted to take a horse drawn carriage wine tasting tour of the Hunter Valley, but the only bike wine tasting tours I’ve done have been when riding myself – and you really can’t do too much tasting when you’ve got to pedal as well!

  4. It’s true, you do find places you never knew existed. I will have to check those 2 places out.

  5. Haha, that would make for an interesting bike ride, that’s for sure. 🙂


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