Price Match and Coupons

I am always on the lookout to see who will price match, and of those that do, who they price match too.  This weekend I went in a bought some stuff at Home Depot and later found it cheaper at Fred Meyers.  I made my way into Home Depot and sure enough they did price match from Fred Meyers.  All I had to have was my receipt and my Fred Meyer ads.

I also went to Bed, Bath and Beyond.  We have the Kuerig coffee maker that uses the pods.  We have found that Bed, Bath and Beyond carries these.  What’s even better is they ALWAYS have their own coupons.  If it’s not the 20% off it’s the $5 off $15.  I had a combination of both and then I handed them my Manufacturer coupons and $2 off 2 from 2/21 SS.  I got each box for $6.50.  Which is a great savings when they are priced at $10.00 a box.  Woohoo.  I always love finding who will accept coupons.  I had been told earlier that they would, but I tried it to make sure.

Always remember to do the math when handing coupons to the cashier.  My daughter had this math question in class yesterday and she got it right.

If you have a $10 off coupon and a 20% off coupon and you are allowed to use both, which would you hand the cashier first?

What other stores do you know of that take Manufacturers Coupons or Price Match?