Saving a Little Helps A Lot

It’s the weekend and for that I am thankful.  It’s been a busy crazy week.  I continue to fight with my health insurance company over my surgery.  We turned in a 44 page appeal and we have finally stopped them dead in their tracks or at least we think we have.  We have learned a lot in this process, and if anyone every has questions I am willing to share what I have learned along the way.  We make a lot of phone calls checking in to see what they are doing yet we are still getting the run around.  But don’t worry their motto is: We’re committed to providing Oregonians with access to quality healthcare and peace of mind about their coverage.

We also refinanced our house.  Why you ask?  Because we just found a 3.75% interest rate.  That big price cut will be greatly appreciated, that’s for sure.

Needless to say those 2 things take up time with phone calls and paper work.  The weekend is nice because neither office is open.  I just get to sit back and pretend it’s all ok.

We also finally got rid of cable TV and our landline.  We have started downloading most of our TV shows from the internet.  Our kids are older and the evenings just seem to be busy with some kind of activity or sport, so we don’t tend to watch a lot of TV.  When we do finally sit down we usually do marathons of our favorite shows. By doing this we cut our phone/cable bill in half and that also included bumping up our internet access.

My husband is also the techy guy that set up a “home phone” that is just a answering service.  We get an email when we have a message.  But he also set it up so we can make calls on it, and activated the 911 service for emergencies.

Summer has been crazy here and I have finally resigned myself to the fact that I won’t be having a garden.  The one thing that is producing, that others seem to not be getting, is tomatoes.  I plant my tomatoes on their sides and I think that was key this year in keeping the root ball warm as our warm weather has been slim.  So much for saving money in my garden this year.

With school slowly creeping up we start the process of careful clothes shopping.  We have been watching the sales for school supplies and I think my kids are mostly done.

Some of these things we didn’t intend to do, they just fell in our laps and we took advantage of the savings. Any cool money saving things going on for you right now??