Still Processing Food, Inc

I shared with you that I had finally watched the movie Food, Inc.  I am still processing it.  Still trying to figure out how we will do things differently.  Take time to read some of the comments as they were full of good information.

About 3 years ago I took out almost all Partially Hydrogenated Oil.  I say almost, because there are a few things we still do buy.

Just 18 months ago I took out almost all High Fructose Corn Syrup.  Again, it tends to sneak in every now and then on some great deal that I get, not intentionally.

Since those two things are really not in our diet any more you can also imagine that I have between none and very few processed foods in our house.  This does drive my kids crazy.  They do like the snack that they can unwrap and eat instantly.  My son especially is lazy (love you son) when it comes to preparing his own snacks.

What I haven’t dealt with yet is the meat issue. I know we can go and buy a half or quarter of a cow from a local farmer, but I have to tell you I don’t like grass fed beef.  I don’t like it because it tends to be tough and lack flavor.  My dad claims ours were mostly grass fed, but we did give them some grains.  They did spend most of the time out in the pasture.

Ugh!  I hate paying not only lots of money for the grass fed beef, but for a place that I will need to store it if I do buy half or quarter.  I hate that will get parts that I don’t enjoy.  I know how to cook all the parts, including the heart and liver, remember, I am a farm girl.  This is how we did things. I just don’t want them.

I would hate to spend all that money and have it be tough.  Nothing would be more disappointing that stewed steak. I speak from experience.  My friend ordered one and was very disappointed.

Today I ventured out just to see what was offered in our local markets.  I was surprised to find, fresh local, no hormone, vegetarian fed chicken.  I even managed to find 2 packages that were marked down for quick sale, and they were cheaper to begin with because they were dark meat. Personally it’s my favorite, so that works.

So I begin the baby steps to buying better meat.  I do say baby steps because that is how you need to approach each and everything you eliminate from your diet.  I started 3 years ago taking out Partially Hydrogenated Oil, but it took over a year to finally know what had it and what didn’t.  It’s a lot of reading to start with, but you will catch on.

How long did it take some of you to eliminate all these things?  More importantly, did you eliminate them all together or do some things still come into the house?