Tuesday’s Tip-Preserving Fruit for Complete Idiots

I love summer fruit.  I just can’t get enough of it.  I would love to be able to take that fresh fruit right into winter with me, but even though I grew up on a farm and my family canned a lot of things, I never learned the trade.  Mostly because I don’t really enjoy canned food.

If there was just a way to take it into winter in a more natural form I would love that.  So today I have been reading around and I have found a few things that I am excited about trying.

Freezing your fruit.

How hard can that be? Right?

Here is by far the easiest way to freeze a peach.  This gal just puts the whole peach in and freezes it.  I like that idea.  Although I have to say I would love to have my sliced and ready for smoothies.

I guess that is a question you might want to ask yourself too.  What is the purpose of preserving your fruit?  If it’s to eat, canning is probably the best.  If it’s for fruit pie or smoothies, it looks like freezing is your friend.

My tip for today is simply don’t shy away from preserving your fruit just because canning seems hard or time consuming.  Look for other options.

The picture above is from an appetizer that we made.  We added basil to the peach slice, then wrapped it in prosciutto.  Then we grilled them.  They were yummy.

Finding an easy way to preserve fruit Works for Me.

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  1. I freeze my peaches, but I do cut them up first. If you use organic peaches you don’t even have to peel them. They can be used any way that canned peaches can!

  2. I love it. Thank you for the link!!!