Will Stuff Make You Happy?

As I make way around the blogosphere every week I stumble across things that make me go hmmmm.  These are things that caught my attention this week, and I will share them with you along with others at Saturday Stumbles.

This is an article that has been going around.  I got it emailed to me and I saw it on Facebook from a few friends.  There is a lot of truth to it.  Will it Make You Happy?  There is so much truth in this article.  I love it and I can’t wait for the day the kids are gone and we can simplify our lives.

Now this knotted t-shirt, if I can pull it off, will make me happy.  I have a t-shirt in my closet somewhere that will work perfect for this redo.  If I can actually make it work, I will be posting pictures.  Thank you Sarah for the simple idea.  I was the one in high school that got an ‘F’ on my Home Ec. project because I wouldn’t wear my sweatshirt to school.  Problem was the sleeve fell off before I even got it home.

This has nothing to do with stuff and everything to do with relationships.  What we have been Search for all along, is a great read and a great reminder.  It’s a gentle reminder to cherish your spouse and let them make you happy.

And last, but not least, Summer.  Taking in the Last of Summer.

Enjoy your weekend!!!


  1. Wow! I think even “I” could pull off the knotted T – but I’m also certain I could totally bomb it too!! Thanks for linking up!!