40th Birthday Party

I am working on a 40th Birthday party for my husband.  As always when I put something like this together I like to do it within a budget, even though Milestone Birthdays are Money4This items.

Making all your own food is the way to go when working within a budget and it’s not something to shy away from.

I will  have a cheese and cracker plate as an appetizer.  Costco has great cheeses that are seasonal, although I am going to make my way to Trader Joes and see what they have first.

I chose something that could be cooked ahead of time and ready when the guests arrived.  Since we have a Traeger/smoker we decided to smoke a huge pork shoulder for pulled pork.  I picked the pork up at Cash and Carry and got it for $1.40 lb.  You have to buy large pieces of meat, but this was perfect for this event.

I am going to make a corn bread pudding, check back I will have the recipe and pictures.  I am having friends bring salads and I have another friend doing the dessert.

We will have around 20 guests, but I will not use paper plates.  I have enough plates between my large and small plates to accommodate all my guests. The “small” plates are plenty big enough.  Therefore I won’t have to spend any money on paper plates.

I will have a container of Strawberry Water.  That was a suggestion from my husband.  I usually make cucumber water, but he wanted Strawberry.  It’s his party, so I aim to please.

We will have one pitcher of a mixed drink called Goombay Smash.  A few varieties of beer and a couple bottles of wine.  (I like to get wine at Trader Joes because they have a great selection and great prices.)

I have looked at what toys and things were released in the early 70’s and I will use those as decorations.  I will place pop rocks all over the black table cloth.  I will get all my mylar balloons (you know the one the grocery store sells for $4) at the Dollar Store.  I also got the Pop Rocks at the Dollar Store.

I am looking for mini slinkies, etch a sketch and magna doodles to add to the table as decorations and for entertainment.

If we play a game it will be a 70’s Trivia game.  I will have to find some more 70’s toys as prizes.

Ok, I think I am ready to party!  I love parties!

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