Corn MAiZE at Sauvie Island Only $7

This is such a great Groupon.

You can choose
*$7 for 2 for the Heart in Oregon MAiZE
*$10 for 2 for the Haunted MAiZE

We went out there for the first time last year to enjoy the pumpkin patch.  It was so much fun even if our kids were 14 and 15.  We didn’t get to do the Haunted MAiZE because we were there during the day  and it only runs at night.  At this price we might jump on it.

The Heart MAiZE is open now through October 31, the Haunted MAiZE is open Friday and Saturday nights October 8th through Halloween.

Read all about the MAiZE and the Pumpkin Patch.

It’s only 9am and already they have sold 1,182.  It’s that cool.

Not from Portland, that’s ok.  Head over to Groupon and click on your city and see what’s available.  Planning a trip in the next few weeks or months.  Watch the city you plan on visiting.