Dinner and a Show for $35

If you are in or near Portland today’s Groupon is a great one.  No wait, not just great, but fabulous.

The restaurant is 50 Plates and the Groupon is for $50 worth of Food and Drinks.  Yep that’s what it says, Food and Drinks.  All for just $25.

50 Plates is located in the Pearl District.  The restaurant is real sleek and contemporary and the food is amazing.  Small plates or large plates, it’s a fun place to sample things.

I would tell you how much I love this restaurant, but I am just going to have you read about it HERE since I have already eaten there (more than once I might add), taken pictures, and blogged about it, because it was that good.

Once you have had your meal you can grab the side Groupon today which is $5 for One Ticket to The Fourth Fret Festival on Thursday, September 16.

Not from Portland, well let’s check and see what other cities are up to these days.

Las Vegas – $10 for One Ticket to a World Series of Comedy Show
San Jose – $70 for 4 Horseback Riding Lessons at Johnny 6 Stables
Salt Lake City – $7 for One Ticket to the Dew Tour, Shaun White will be there – My family did this when it was in Portland and had a blast.  I didn’t go because it was too much standing.  They also went for $7 each thanks to Groupon.
Dayton – $18 for One Ticket to the Dayton Opera ($87 value)

What are you waiting for?  Check out your city or even a city you plan on visiting in the next few months.  Start watching for deals and snag them when they come up.

Check out our latest adventure we took with Groupon.

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