Frugal Made Me Do It

I will do just about anything to save money and today I think I am willing to do something I swore I would never do again.   Acupuncture….LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THOSE NEEDLES!!!!

Let me back up and explain how I got to here.

I first shared with all of you that I had decided on a surgery, which insurance won’t pay for.

I went through the surgery and came out the other side quite bionic, with lots of metal in my back and a brand new disc.  Everything was going great.

I then went to my Physical Terrorist.  Four weeks later and I am still not out of it.  I finally went back to my doctor today (he’s the one that called her the physical terrorist) and he is going to try something else to get me out of the pain she created.

On top of some medication he said I could do massage therapy or acupuncture.

The first time (and last time) I ever had acupuncture,  I swore she had upholstery needles in my back and that she had laid my shirt on top of it.  It was awful.  She told it was ok to fall asleep.  ASLEEP!?!?!  I tried not to breath.

I am horribly afraid of needles!

So, I of course will do massage therapy right?   Well…turns out my insurance won’t pay for massage therapy, but they will pay for acupuncture.

I told my husband today that I am so frugal I just might try it again because I am sick of paying for things.  Can I take a valum before I go?

So let’s hear it for some good experiences, actually I will take bad ones too.  I need some honest opinions.  Should I try this again?

Tell me
Money4This – do the Massage Therapy
Not4That– suck it up and do the nearly free thing


  1. Physical Terrorist…that’s funny!!! I’ve never had acupuncture done. I’ll be your driver, though, if you need to take a few shots of something before your appointment. That’s what friends are for!